Life Ain't A Game

by Atiim Chenzira


This single was born in the Backyard Entertainment Studios with Tunemaster, aka D-Jones, in Indianapolis, Indiana, later to be revamped. The poetry was written many moons ago, and made its way to a Tunemaster track, where it now lives. Later, Kosta Cross took the vocal stems and produced his dynamic dance version, only to be followed up by a rebooted version written and produced at Whoville Studios in Berkeley, CA in January 2016. 

Though this song has finally found its way to your ears, the message is as fresh as every day, Life Ain't A Game. 

The Artwork is by artist, Jack Eastgate of EastRand Studios in Oakland, CA.


released February 1, 2016

Life Ain't A Game

1. Life Ain't A Game ft. D-Jones
Produced by Tunemaster
Written & performed by Atiim Chenzira & D-Jones

2. Life Ain't A Game ft. D-Jones (Kosta Mix) 
Produced by Kosta Cross
Written & Performed by Atiim Chenzira & D-Jones

3. Life Ain't A Game ft. Ali (Reboot Who?mix) 
Produced by JasWho? 
Written & Performed by Atiim Chenzira & Ali

4. The Wind Blowz (Who?mix) 
Produced by Tunemaster & JasWho? 
Written by Atiim Chenzira, 
Performed by Atiim Chenzira, Kobann & Laura McBride

Track #1 mixed by Tunemaster
Track #2 mixed by Kosta Cross
Track #3 mixed by JasWho? 
Track #4 mixed by Tunemaster & JasWho? 
Tracks #1-4 mastered by Kosta Cross

Ridah Ridah Ent. 2016

Life is about love, and living love. No games.

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